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You are at the top of your field, you have the skill, experience, and knowledge. You are working at peak capacity in all the areas that you can control. So why is somatic coaching often needed to perform your work at the highest level?

Your autonomic nervous system (ANS) and knee-jerk somatic responses to people, stressful situations, and unexpected problems are not controlled by your conscious mind or even by your hard-won expertise. Your body’s ANS responses are not controllable because the ANS is our threat detection and threat response system, for survival purposes it must be faster than our conscious mind and neocortex. 

Why Somatic coaching is important! Because your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) regulation responses, your ability to regulate your emotions when under stress, and your attachment style  (the way you instinctively relate and feel around other people) are outside your conscious awareness and not under the control of your conscious mind. This somatic programming has often been laid down as early as infancy or childhood and the patterns are brain-wired into your neural structures. 

This somatic early conditioning in the ANS can hamper our ability to live and work at peak performance. Somatic coaching helps to shift patterns of unhelpful behavior, instinctive responses, and sensations of feeling overwhelmed and not in control over our thoughts, behaviors, and reactions. Somatic coaching works by teaching you how to impact the ANS. You will learn how to decrease your stress hormone levels, re-regulate your ANS, and come back to a Ventral Vagal relaxed connection. This somatic state facilitates peak productivity, sustainability, and better relationships with other people in the workplace and allows you to present your message in a more clear commanding, and confident manner.

 A body is a marvelous gift, Listen to yours!


Wanda is a Speaker, Educator, and spent 21 years as a body-focused therapist.  She has spent the past 14 years intensively studying Neuroscience, Physiology, and Attachment related behaviors. In addition, her years spent as a College Professor has made her not only a dynamic and insightful speaker but one who is capable of demystifying and condensing this vital and complex subject matter into interesting and accessible language.


Besides One-on- One or group Executive Somatic Coaching, Wanda offers workshops and presentations of varying lengths. These presentations are lively and include some instructive and edifying material interwoven with fun experiential exercises. She teaches life-changing concepts that help attendees attain better relational competence, more self-confidence, and a reduction in stress and anxiety levels. Some of her most popular Presentations include:

  • Restore Vitality by Evicting Anxiety
    4-week workshop in anxiety & stress reduction – 90 minutes per week
  • Improving Professional Relationships using Attachment Theory
    1/2 day presentation
  • How your Attachment Style Predicts your Child’s Future Success
    Parenting workshop
  • Pastoral Care Support
    4-week workshop series – 2 hours per week
  • Elementary School teacher Support series
    2-4 workshop series over the school year -(On Attachment, Trauma, Anxiety and Health the ACE study, etc.

In addition to these mentioned above, Wanda creates unique presentations based on the requests and the needs of the target audience.

For more information or to book an event, contact Wanda at 858-215-1306 or use the form below. For more information about Wanda’s private therapy practice, visit