Wanda Brothers, MFT, SEP, DARe is a Senior Assistant, has been Lead Assistant for various trainings, and has assisted international trainings. She has been a SEP since 2008 and has been assisting since 2010. She has run her own private psychotherapy practice for 22 years. She blends therapy, SE, and her expertise in Attachment theory (DARe) to support students in a deeply meaningful way.

Case consults help students integrate the training material and gain a deeper understanding of the key principles of Somatic Experiencing.

Sign up today for Individual Case consults approved for All levels of SE and Beginning or Intermediate Level GROUP Case consults.

Group Consultation Details

  • Group Case Consult Sessions are Approved for your training requirements.
  • The groups will be 90 minutes and we will meet on ZOOM
  • Australia Consultations take place Friday at 2 pm Pacific Time. (Saturday, 9 am Melbourne time for AU attendees)
  • North America (USA) Consultations take place on Saturday at 9:30 am Pacific Time.
  • You will receive 0.5 credits for 1 1/2 hours of group consultation
  • First 8 people to register and pay will be included. Open to all SE students
Wanda Brothers with dog