How do you live your life? Open and trusting, expecting good and doing good? Or, do you live tight and braced in your bodies? Are your muscles, tense? Are you feeling scared and closed off to anything new, or anything you are unsure of and don’t want to try.

Life can be stressful and frightening. The News only seems to focus on dangerous situations, criminal activity, and the selfish crazy antics of politicians. And, we are bombarded with News and negativity every where we turn. It pops up on our devices and social media. It can seem like we can’t get away from it.

But so much more of life is good, positive and safe. People are being kind and helpful to others by the millions but that rarely makes the News. Which is very sad and perhaps why we are struggle so much with addictions and high stress levels,

So what can we do? We can deliberately focus on the good to be found in daily life. Take the analogy of a radio dial, if you don’t like the station, change the channel. The more we focus on the good and safety to be found in our lives, the more relaxed our bodies will become. This allows us to open to life, newness and possibilities. This allows us to live in trust, not tightening and bracing,  making life worth living.                                                          

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