Cammie is feeling angry

Feeling is important

Today is part 1 of To feel or not to feel, and we will talk about the body’s language, sensation and why it matters for your life. In my title, I am borrowing a bit from the famous old Bard here. But to feel or not to feel is almost as important of a question as to be or not to be.  Feelings, sensations, and emotions are an embedded and embodied aspect of our humanness and an outcome of living in a body. So not feeling at all is not an option. But to smother those feelings or to try to ignore them, that for many people is a very popular option. I used to live like that for years. Hiding and smothering any big uncomfortable feelings, sensations or emotions.

Living without feelings diminishes vitality

But I found hiding from my emotions makes me a little less human. I lose some of the vibrancy of authentic being and life does not feel as good. Most of us hide from our big emotions out of fear. Fear of how bad they feel, fear of what they mean and fear of what they may “make” us do! But the paradoxical reality is that if we allow our feelings to come up and listen to them, they will calm down quickly. Sensations and emotions are just our body trying to talk to us about aspects of our life through its only language. 

Selective Smothering

The other downside of trying to smother or hide from the “negative” emotions we encounter is that we lose the intensity of the positive emotions. You can’t smother one range and not the other. The repressing works on all our emotions and sensations. So tune in to find out why ALL of your emotions are good and matter to your life.

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