Gio’s first step, liking the pool!

Today’s podcast is an example of how the principles we have been sharing, stress management, anxiety reduction and listening to your body, actually work in the real world.

Gio and I have been podcasting about these and other subjects for a while now and last month brave Gio overcame her fears and got certified to scuba dive and went on 10 dives in the Caymans.  She is claustrophobic, and had panic attacks at the thought of being trapped somewhere, including underwater.

But by connecting with her heart, and her courage, and using some of the tools we have been sharing, she was able to overcome this fear and have a wonderful, meaningful new life experience. Now she loves scuba diving, which is why I call her the scuba princess.

Listen to hear her experience and hear what allowed her to make this major change and reduce her anxiety about something she had feared for years.

for more information here is a good article from very well mind.

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