Today’s podcast is about the evils of perfectionism! Ok maybe trying to be perfect is not evil but when I used to struggle with this habit it made me perfectly miserable about 100% of the time. Perfectionism causes us to miss the good in our lives, focus on what we didn’t do perfectly which is almost everything because, news flash, NO ONE is perfect. Setting an impossible standard to meet sets us up for failure, and feeling terrible about ourselves. It also often blocks us from risking and trying new things.


So instead, I am advocating to shift your intention and focus to full participation. To throw yourselves into your lives fully giving it your all. Trying your best, being yourself and letting the chips fall where they may. You will enjoy life so much more and maybe even learn to feel proud of yourself for “failing” because you were willing to risk and to try your best. Be your best, give your best and let that be enough. And, if anyone in your life demands perfection, send them packing…or at least tell them you are no longer a slave to the idol of perfectionism.

For more information this is a great article from the BBC network:


children are so good at just enjoying life and not getting caught in the trap of appearance or acting perfectly.



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