In Praise of Uni-tasking!

Multi-tasking, not all it’s cracked up to be? In Today’s podcast we debunk the myth that Multi-tasking makes people automatically more effective and efficient. When we do more than one thing at a time, our focus is necessarily diluted and often diverted away from what is most important.  One is sometimes better than Two. I [Read more…]

Participation instead of Perfection!

Perfectionism Today’s podcast is about the evils of perfectionism! Ok maybe trying to be perfect is not evil but when I used to struggle with this habit it made me perfectly miserable about 100% of the time. Perfectionism causes us to miss the good in our lives, focus on what we didn’t do perfectly which [Read more…]

Love & Anxiety: Fixity vs. Flow!

  Today’s podcast is about the States of Fixity and Flow. Fixity and Flow in life and in our bodies, and how they engage in life. These states are highly correlated with feelings and sensations of Love and  Anxiety. This podcast will explore these states as well as define the meanings of the terms fixity [Read more…]

If you are happy, tell your face!

How does your facial expression impact feelings of love or anxiety? What is Flat Affect and how does it impact your relationships? We will answer these questions in today’s podcast. Mirror Neurons When we feel an emotion, it is normal to show that emotion on our face. And, showing that emotion allows those around us [Read more…]