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What are sensations in our body and why are they important? That is the topic of today’s podcast and we are continuing our discussion on the benefits of feeling our feelings. The answer is simple, our body sensations are the physiological shifts that underly our emotions. Listening to sensations as they occur will help us better deal with our emotions, especially the ones we deem unpleasant.

Sensation Language 

To help get you better listen to your body’s message, think about sensation as a language to re-learn. As children we spoke the language of sensation so well. As we age it seems we prefer to listen to our racing minds that jump from past to the future. Rather than listening to our bodies sensation messages that are based upon what is occurring right now in the present.

Practice listening 

We have included a smattering of sensation words for you to get you started. Take some time this week to listen to your body and the language of sensation. See what you notice.

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