In Today’s podcast we will talk about the values of community vs individualism. Which is better, to focus our energy on the collective (we) like the Japanese culture? Or, to focus on the individual (me) like our US popular culture seems to suggest?

Balance is key

As with anything, balance is important in this equation. I know people, and I was one of them, who focus so much on the We, there is no room for the Me. No room for self-care or self-identity. Just an almost obsessive focus upon other people. This can lead to burnout. I also know people and see them on TV, people so focused on the Me, that they care little for how their actions impact society and the We.

I am suggesting that better caring for ourselves helps us gain this balance. That a healthy self-love and self-care can help us walk this road with energy and wisdom. It can help us care for the We and the Me! It can also help us know when more energy needs to go to one side or the other. Even Jesus states, “Love your neighbor AS yourself”, so they appear to be connected.

Notice this week, what is your natural inclination, to care more about the We or the Me? Try focusing a bit more on your less balanced side this week and see what occurs.


Volunteering is better as a WE


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