i am not winning here but love can.

So how do Love & Anxiety counteract each other? What allows Love to triumph over anxiety? To answer these questions, it helps to understand the way the Brain region work in harmony or not. So today we will talk more about Paul D. MacLean’s model of the Triune brain. By explaining what the differing parts of the brain do, I will show how they interrelate in ways that can cause Love and Anxiety to wrestle for domination in our lives.

The brain of course has many more than 3 parts. However, these parts are the main 3 areas most often connected to the concepts of safety, danger, and how the human brain developed.

These 3 areas include; the Reptilian Brain/Brain stem, the Mammalian Brain/Limbic system, and the Neocortex. One of the primary responsibilities of the Brain stem region is to help us avoid danger. Listen to today’s podcast to learn how this danger signal impacts Love and Anxiety.

For a fun video to learn more about the various areas of our wonderful, complex Brain, watch this short video on Youtube. Pinky & the Brain, Brainstem.



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