Do you remember the old SeeSaws  from childhood playground days? If you are under 35 you may not even know what they are. They used to be a fixture on school playgrounds.  Today’s podcast uses the analogy of a SeeSaw in relationship to the states of Love and Anxiety. Love and Anxiety are likened to riding a SeeSaw. We are either in one state or the other.

Moving from Love to Anxiety and VV.

But we also talk about how these states can work together or against each other. If we can move towards Love when we are feeling anxiety, the SeeSaw tips back into Love and Safety. But when we feel a bit of Anxiety, this can cause worry, or obsessing etc., about what we fear. When this occurs we lose our connection to Love and safety and the See Saw flips back to anxiety and that is all we experience.

Fear vs. Desire

When we fear something more than we desire it, we will move away and not pursue it. But if we desire something more than we fear it, we will move towards it.  It is very hard to fight off fear, especially the fear of a new opportunity, relationships, etc. So an easier way to shift from Anxiety back into Love/Desire is to work on increasing our Desire for this new thing. Meditating on what it will feel like when we get it and believing that our efforts are worth the risk. Love & Desire are strong motivators, but fear “screams loudly” so we tend to focus on that. Its easier to increase the love and desire than to fight fear..

To close the podcast I use a personal example from my own life to explain this See Saw and the balancing act of moving from Fear to Love/Desire. 

see saw

 This man knows lots of desire and risking

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