Strangers stay away!

Today in our podcast we will continue sharing how Love and Anxiety can war for dominance in our body and brain. One day I came across a family walking at the beach and overheard the 2 younger boys frantically whispering about Stranger Danger. This made me curious about how we determine whether a new person, a stranger, is safe or dangerous? How do we know if they will become a wonderful addition to our life? Or, if they are scary and dangerous and should be avoided?

Once again we need to understand the brain and how the various regions work together. Today we will talk more about the Reptilian brain, and the region where we have a sense of someone else’s identity. We will include information about the Limbic system and attachment wiring. Enjoy the podcast. For a great video about Love, Attaching and strangers, go to;

Or for a past blog about strangers in foreign countries go to:


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