Love or chaos, which is your view?

What is the nature of the Universe?

Einstein said, “The most important question a person can ask is, Is the Universe a Friendly place?”  Using the material from our last podcast, we will talk about how Love, Anxiety, and Spirituality interact.  How does the early treatment you receive from your primary caretakers impact your view of the world?


This podcast builds on the contents of the previous podcast about early lessons setting our life’s templates. There are so many definitions of Spirituality. So here is how I define it for the purposes of today’s podcast: Spirituality-a  sense of engaging with something/someone larger than ourselves, and something that gives life purpose and brings meaning. Our worldview, the lenses through which we view life, tends to be a part of our sense of our Spirituality. 


In this podcast we will discuss how our sensations of Love and sensations of Anxiety impact our Spirituality. Especially in terms of how we view the world and how we believe it works. Is the main force that undergirds the universe Love, or is it danger and chaos? Our early lessons that we receive about Love and nurture, or the lack of those, deeply impact our ability to determine how to connect and live in the world.  In addition, these early lessons set what we believe to be our place in the world.

So enjoy the podcast. For more information on this topic, you can go to this link and read a this blog. It begins with a poem from Rumi.

If you are unfamiliar with Rumi’s poetry, please click here for a real treat.

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