No fixity here!

Today’s podcast is about the States of Fixity and Flow. Fixity and Flow in life and in our bodies, and how they engage in life. These states are highly correlated with feelings and sensations of Love and  Anxiety. This podcast will explore these states as well as define the meanings of the terms fixity and flow. 

Body States and the ANS

Many of us are familiar with the term flow in relation to creativity. But I will be using these terms in relation to the states of our body. Specifically, the way our physiology (the Autonomic Nervous System)  moves and changes in response to our life circumstances. We will talk about attitudes and how our attitudes about our circumstances impacts whether we stay in flow or get caught in fixity. How we view each situation has everything to do with our response. Our attitude helps to determines if our body goes into a closed negative place or an open, curious, responsive place.

So tune in to todays podcast about Fixity and Flow and find out what your habitual option tends to be. 

More helpful/interesting information

For more information about body states and how our attitudes impact our physiology, check out these websites.

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