Many people struggle against worrying and being stuck in negative, fearful thoughts. This is a big problem, and a time-wasting habit. The bad habit of negative “future-izing” or worrying, can ruin our happiness and over the years, our physical health.

As we continue our series on Love & Anxiety, I will share some simple brain anatomy. I will tell you about the Brain Stem, the Limbic system and the Cerebral Cortex. A lack of understanding of how these brain regions work allow us to stay stuck in spiraling loops of high anxiety or debilitating stress. Learning how to keep the brain stem out of “danger” mode evicts anxiety and decreases stress hormones. This translates into a peaceful life and a relaxed and calm body. Listen and notice how this can help you in your daily life.  Please write in with any questions or concepts you would like to better understand. I prefer responding to what my listeners find compelling and interesting. For more helpful information go to

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