I would say he is fully focused upon that kitten.

Multi-tasking, not all it’s cracked up to be?

In Today’s podcast we debunk the myth that Multi-tasking makes people automatically more effective and efficient. When we do more than one thing at a time, our focus is necessarily diluted and often diverted away from what is most important. 

One is sometimes better than Two.

I am suggesting today that staying present and mindful to one thing at a time, whether you are engaging in tasks, chores, or interactions with other humans, is a superior way to live. Living this way will bring you more joy and daily pleasure. Thus the title, “In praise of  Uni-tasking.” 

If you are putting out a fire you want all of the water to shoot out the nozzle. You don’t want some of it to leak out holes in the hose. Keeping our focus solely on what we are doing or with the person in front of us, allows all of our energy and intention to be available. 

Less Anxiety with Uni-tasking

Trying to do a few things at once can actually increase our anxiety levels and cause us to race about and lose our peaceful grounded sensations.  So this week, pick a day and try uni-taking. Keep all of your energy and focus on what is right in front of you at each moment. See what happens.

For a good article from Forbes suggesting you get more done by uni-tasking than multi-tasking go to :


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