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One of the challenges of our fast paced busy lives is that we experience so much stress we have trouble calming and settling down. When we are too busy and move too quickly our bodies go into stress mode. When this happens way too much adrenaline and cortisol are coursing through our bodies. (I.e. think of a car with the gas pedal all the way to the floor.) The racing mind is one of the consequences of too many stress hormones. When the mind races it is very hard to settle back down.

There are two main ways to calm down our minds and bodies. One is called Top-down processing, and the other is called, Bottom-up processing. Today’s podcast will give you examples of both ways to calm down, and to feel more relaxed and joyful. We will also do a bit of guided imagery to calm the racing mind using the example of a monkey in a banana tree. Most people find guided imagery calming and enjoyable. Listen now.Image result for racing mind

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