Mindfulness Tames the Tigers!

Taoist Story In today’s podcast we use a classic story from Taoism to illustrate the content from the previous 3 podcasts. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, so I use this story picture in hopes it will help my listeners feel more ease and comfort with shifting their own physiology Fear of [Read more…]

The SCARY side of the coin!

Does life sometimes feel too heavy and overwhelming? Can you relate to the feeling that there is just so much going on you are about to combust with stress? Have you been there, recently? Unfortunately you are probably caught in Threat Physiology. In today’s podcast we talk about Stress and Threat physiology, a somatic state [Read more…]

The Felt Sense & Anxiety!

THE “FELT SENSE PRAYER” I am flying solo in today’s podcast as my interviewer  and dear Friend Giovana is out of town sailing in the Caribbean! I bet her felt sense is more enjoyable than mine right now. What is the Felt Sense? Today’s podcast is about the Felt Sense, a term coined by Eugene [Read more…]

Love Leaves Tracks!

Sand of my heart Yesterday at the beach, I saw imprinted in the sand many different bird tracks. Just by looking at the unique shape of each track, I could tell what species of bird left them behind. This visual stimulated some thoughts about how things other than birds can leave tracks in the “sand” [Read more…]

Healthy SELF LOVE decreases Anxiety!

LOVE YOURSELF Last podcast we talked about feeling gratitude for our humanness.  Being grateful that we are not perfect, but messy and beautiful all at once. Today’s podcast ups the ante! We suggest taking a BIG step forward from just plain gratitude into Self Love. Today we talk about loving ourselves! Self-love is not Selfishness [Read more…]

Grateful to be Human?

GRATITUDE FOR OUR HUMANNESS Are you grateful to be a human being? That may sound like an odd question since it seems to be our only option. But what I am really referring to is gratitude for our human messiness and imperfections. Some of us would perhaps prefer to be a perfect, limitless, robot.  Someone [Read more…]

Contentment at Christmas?

Christmas is a time for happiness and joy, or is it? It should be but sometimes we are not joyful, we are not even content with our lives, much less this holiday season. Contentment vs. mindfulness There is much talks bout mindfulness but very little about contentment. Are we a contented culture? I would say [Read more…]

Art & Poetry: Or, The poet princess!

Poetry What is the first thought you have when you hear the word poetry?  What do you think about poetry? Do you read it, write it, enjoy it? What does it do? Some people think poetry is so “last century”, while others deeply appreciate it. My perspective is that Poetry is a gift and a [Read more…]

The scuba diving princess!

Today’s podcast is an example of how the principles we have been sharing, stress management, anxiety reduction and listening to your body, actually work in the real world. Gio and I have been podcasting about these and other subjects for a while now and last month brave Gio overcame her fears and got certified to [Read more…]