Hello, my name is Wanda Brothers, welcome to my website. I am passionate about living life in joy and vitality and helping human beings move into ease and freedom. I have learned so much from my years of being a therapist, speaker, and professor, but also from my experiences surfing, traveling, and studying cutting-edge information that has changed the way I lived and brought joy and freedom to my daily life. I delight to share this life-changing and helpful knowledge, with as many people as possible. A world with less stress, anger, and anxiety is a world where love and peace can flourish.

Human behaviors and belief systems are not so much a product of the mind but of our body and automatic physiology. When we feel challenged, our Autonomic Nervous System hijacks our rational mind and takes control of our body and behaviors. Understanding your own physiology and how your body works are crucial to living a peaceful and joyful life. While we can’t change life’s difficult situations we can approach them from a more empowered and grounded physiology and a higher perspective.

To learn more about reducing stress levels, increasing your vitality and confidence, improving your relationships, etc., join me for one of my workshops or presentations, or schedule one for your school, business, or church. You can also check out my blogs, videos, and podcasts. I look forward to meeting you.



Wanda has such a deep understanding of neurobiology, physiology, and human interaction and is a master at making this vital information accessible. This class demystifies and normalizes the challenges we all face in our daily lives and offers very practical tools for managing anxiety and stress. I would highly recommend this class and Wanda to anyone.

~ Yoga Teacher

I attended the Attachment and Parenting workshop held by SAFE here in Coronado because I have had trouble attaching to my husband and my kids. Wanda’s presentation of the different attachment styles and her easy to understand tools for how to help my insecure attachment has changed my marriage for the better. I am able to take in my husband’s love now in a way I could not before. I am so grateful.

~ Coronado Resident

Wanda has crafted her pastoral care training to meet the modern needs of pastors and church leaders.  She leads students of care brilliantly through a guided study of people and the common needs we share spiritually, socially, and physically.  Her training style invigorates the learner as they grow in the understanding of the resources to care for others.

Wanda is keenly observant of her pupils and creates a safe space for developing others individually and as members of a team. The tools she provided have helped better me to draw out the very best in others as we point them to God for ultimate care.

It is my honor to recommend Wanda Brothers pastoral care training.

~ ELC Pastor

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