We are living in a time like no other time in our life span. At least here in the USA. The certainly, choice, and control we took for granted are no longer ours. We now have to live, at least for a season, more similar to our brothers and sisters in parts of the world that are less developed. Places that are more fraught with war, lack, coups, fear, danger, and not knowing what tomorrow will bring. It is a humbling and scary way to live. And if you are like me, a big part of me wants this to be over tomorrow and for life to go back to “Normal”,  But that is not likely to happen quickly, so I have been asking myself, what am I doing with this time and this unique situation?

As with all of life there are positives and negatives to this situation and the quarantine we are temporality living within. I have noticed that if I stay out of terror, avoid the news except a brief update, and stop looking at my dropping 401 K, life continues in beautiful ways and I can go for hours without fear spikes. Nature is still blooming, our loved ones are calling us and staying connected via electronic media. My body still works beautifully and my legs and lungs feel awesome after a nice run, alone, on the beach. I have seen neighborhoods band together, people helping strangers, most of us protecting the more vulnerable by staying at home. 

The beauty of the human spirit is never more shiny and brilliant than when we are under a challenge. While I prefer life to be easy, comfortable and predictable, but when it is, I find it easy to coast without much awareness or much growth. It is hard to accept that it is in times of struggle and hardship that the innate desire for growth that lives in every human being, will often bloom and flood upward like a flower to the sun or a seed out of the ground. In challenging times we are reminded of our WE-NESS and our shared vulnerability and for the most part this month I have seen such goodness and courage. 

I am not blind or naive, I do also see instances of fear, hatred and selfishness, i.e. Who HOARDED all the toilet paper? I do know that in hard times humans can also regress to our more primitive nature. But we do have choices and we can choose love, generosity, trust, community minded planning, etc. When we focus on the needs of all, humans are at their best.

So in this funky, scary, slower, awful, wonderful, perplexing season, how are you doing? What are you focusing upon, what are you learning? Are you growing in compassion and awareness? Are you more aware of your openhearted, generous potential, are you able to sit with compassion with your vulnerability and that of your family or neighbor at least a little bit?

One day this quarantine will be over. I hope we are able to look back on this time and see how it shaped us for the better. I hope we move slower and notice each other more. That we value life and find joy in the simple pleasures. I don’t want to waste a minute of this precious life, even if it is packaged currently in wrapping paper that is scary and disconcerting.

For some good news surrounding COVID-19 go to https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/10-positive-updates-on-the-covid-19-outbreaks-from-around-the-world/


How are you experiencing this season of life? What emotions, sensations and impulses does it bring up in you?  If you were asked for a one word checkin do you know what it would be?

How are you using your additional time? What is it like to have so much more time with family? 

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