Wouldn’t be great if the physical sensations of anxiety could be banned from our bodies? If our bodies, the home we walk around inside 24/7, can become a place of comfort and safety, life will be so much easier to navigate.

I  recently gave a presentation on this topic and it was so well received I decided to begin blogging about body friendly ways of living and engaging with life. If you are given a fancy sports car there are specific things that auto’s engine needs in order to run at its highest potential. Our bodies are even more finely tuned than a fancy sports car and so knowing what is in your “owner’s manual” can help you craft a way of life that promotes vitality, and active engagement with life WITHOUT the excess anxiety that many of us live with on a regular basis.

I am a psychotherapist and I specialize in body-focused therapies in order to help my clients reach their goals as quickly as possible. I am also a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), EMDR certified, and trained in Kathy Kain’s touch work, somatic re-education. All of these modalities are geared toward removing anxiety, calming down the body, and re-regulating the automatic nervous system (ANS).

Many of my clients and a large percentage of  Americans spend most of their days living in their minds. They worry, plan, stress or obsess, and they ignore their bodies until the anxiety gets so bad they have to self-medicate. This includes, but is not limited to, unhealthy eating or not eating, shopping, work, reading, sex, drinking, drugs, etc. I would love to help you change that pattern and learn how to use your healthy body to fight the anxiety.

My next series of blogs will delve into the “owner’s manual” and provide a reader’s digest version of your body’s ANS.  I will share tools that have helped many clients overcome debilitating anxiety and traumatic histories.

www.traumahealing.com is a site that will give more information about Somatic Experiencing. If you have a specific question about this topic, the blog, or the way your body works,  please reply and request what you are most interested in knowing and I will try to be sure the blog answers your question.

My suggestion for today’s blog is to really observe how you care for your body. The 3 legged stool of mood stability includes; eating 3 healthy meals a day, getting 7-8 hours sleep a night, and moderate exercise or movement several times per week. I know we have all heard this many times, but how are you doing with this?  If you would like a very simple self-care worksheet to help you track how you are doing that I hand out to groups or at presentations, email me at wleebrothers@gmail.com and I will send it gratis.

Until next post, take very good care, make a new habit,

Wanda Brothers-Real Life Solutions-TRT.com

2 thoughts on “Living in an anxiety free zone

  1. love this post. You are so right, we do spend so much time in our heads, often in anxious thought. Looking forward to hearing more!

    1. Thanks Jules, feel free to put this on your FB page or twitter. That is how I am to get the word out, having others spread the information about it. Thanks for the suggestion….

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