Hello, welcome to my website. I am passionate about living life in joy and vitality and teaching human beings to move into ease and freedom. I have learned so much from my years of being a therapist, and professor, but also from my experiences surfing, traveling, and studying cutting edge information that has changed the way I lived and brought joy and freedom to my daily life. I love providing Somatic Coaching, Supervision/Case Consults, and Speaking engagements. It is my delight to share this life-changing and helpful knowledge, with as many people as possible. A world with less stress, anger, and anxiety is a world where love and peace can flourish.  

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Does your life feel defined by all that you have to do every day? Confined by your to-do list that is expanding at the same rate as the universe? Do you have trouble getting up in the morning because life feels like a never ending merry-go-round from hell you cannot get off? Do you find [Read more…]

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Mindfulness Tames the Tigers!

Taoist Story In today’s podcast we use a classic story from Taoism to illustrate the content from the previous 3 podcasts. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, so I use this story picture in hopes it will help my listeners feel more ease and comfort with shifting their own physiology Fear of [Read more…]

The SCARY side of the coin!

Does life sometimes feel too heavy and overwhelming? Can you relate to the feeling that there is just so much going on you are about to combust with stress? Have you been there, recently? Unfortunately you are probably caught in Threat Physiology. In today’s podcast we talk about Stress and Threat physiology, a somatic state [Read more…]