Wanda BrothersHello, my name is Wanda Brothers, welcome to my website. I am passionate about living life in joy and vitality and helping human beings move into ease and freedom. I have learned so much from my years of being a therapist, and professor, but also from my experiences surfing, traveling, and studying cutting edge information that has changed the way I lived and brought joy and freedom to my daily life. It is my delight to share this life-changing and helpful knowledge, with as many people as possible. A world with less stress, anger, and anxiety is a world where love and peace can flourish.

From the Blog

Positivity Pause-Part 2

  In the last blog I introduced the concept of positivity pauses to help us in situations when we are forced to wait. So what are positivity pauses? Reader’s digest version, a positivity pause is a chance to bring into your mind and body some form of positive reinforcement when you are forced to stop, [Read more…]

Positivity Pausing!

Last week I was at Costco. This story does not end with me exiting with $200 worth of stuff I don’t need. Such as a food dehydrator and 6 new towels, because, they are so inexpensive. No, that day in Costco, God started answering one of my prayers. Yes, in Costco, God apparently visits there [Read more…]

Latest Podcasts

The scuba diving princess!

Today’s podcast is an example of how the principles we have been sharing, stress management, anxiety reduction and listening to your body, actually work in the real world. Gio and I have been podcasting about these and other subjects for a while now and last month brave Gio overcame her fears and got certified to [Read more…]


In Today’s podcast we will talk about the values of community vs individualism. Which is better, to focus our energy on the collective (we) like the Japanese culture? Or, to focus on the individual (me) like our US popular culture seems to suggest? Balance is key As with anything, balance is important in this equation. [Read more…]

Oh that good sensation

  What are sensations in our body and why are they important? That is the topic of today’s podcast and we are continuing our discussion on the benefits of feeling our feelings. The answer is simple, our body sensations are the physiological shifts that underly our emotions. Listening to sensations as they occur will help [Read more…]