Wanda BrothersHello, my name is Wanda Brothers, welcome to my website. I am passionate about living life in joy and vitality and helping human beings move into ease and freedom. I have learned so much from my years of being a therapist, and professor, but also from my experiences surfing, traveling, and studying cutting edge information that has changed the way I lived and brought joy and freedom to my daily life. It is my delight to share this life-changing and helpful knowledge, with as many people as possible. A world with less stress, anger, and anxiety is a world where love and peace can flourish.

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Positivity Pause-Part 2

  In the last blog I introduced the concept of positivity pauses to help us in situations when we are forced to wait. So what are positivity pauses? Reader’s digest version, a positivity pause is a chance to bring into your mind and body some form of positive reinforcement when you are forced to stop, [Read more…]

Positivity Pausing!

Last week I was at Costco. This story does not end with me exiting with $200 worth of stuff I don’t need. Such as a food dehydrator and 6 new towels, because, they are so inexpensive. No, that day in Costco, God started answering one of my prayers. Yes, in Costco, God apparently visits there [Read more…]

Latest Podcasts

In Praise of Uni-tasking!

Multi-tasking, not all it’s cracked up to be? In Today’s podcast we debunk the myth that Multi-tasking makes people automatically more effective and efficient. When we do more than one thing at a time, our focus is necessarily diluted and often diverted away from what is most important.  One is sometimes better than Two. I [Read more…]

Participation instead of Perfection!

Perfectionism Today’s podcast is about the evils of perfectionism! Ok maybe trying to be perfect is not evil but when I used to struggle with this habit it made me perfectly miserable about 100% of the time. Perfectionism causes us to miss the good in our lives, focus on what we didn’t do perfectly which [Read more…]